Don’t Risk Your Business With Reliable Measuring Devices

Temperature recorder services, which started in Adana with Incatech brand, continue our success from day one. You can monitor and record the conditions such as storage, transportation and manufacturing with the measuring devices suitable for your needs. Temperature data logger, which is one of the most ideal and economical solutions, can determine whether the products are at the right temperature. You will be pleased with our products that offer many advantages. You will be able to use the temperature logger with easy installation. You will be satisfied with the quality of our product which is large enough to adapt to any environment.

Temperature chart recorder which provides regulation during the storage or transportation of your products which are at risk of deterioration has the feature of lane – graphic temperature recorder. Our product, which shows both time and temperature, is offered for sale at an extremely affordable price. Another popular measuring device is temperature and humidity data logger.

Our product is used for both temperature and humidity measurement. You can also take the measurement report remotely from the phone, tablet or computer with internet connection. We invite you to our company for our comprehensive services.