In adults, such as babies, the skin is sensitive. After the bath to dry your skin and at the same time to make a soft touch to your skin to practice the treatment of the hundred percent cotton fabrics sold at striped loincloth towels should be preferred. Lightweight, woven on your skin and non-load-bearing loincloth towels also has a fast drying feature. High absorbent towel towels can also be considered as an alternative to fabric towels., such as linens in the web site, which is completely fabric features loincloth towel patterns take you to your childhood. These towels, which are inspired by loincloths, which are an indispensable part of the Turkish bath concept, are adorned with colored lines and have durable fabrics. You can use these towels at home as a pool towel outside the house, as a spa and massage towel. 19 * 35. 50 * 90 cm and 31 * 62, 80 * 160 cm size towels can be used as hand and face towels.